Glass Plant Equipment

We design and supply various state of the art key glass manufacturing equipments. Our products are designed and manufactured at par with international standards with a focus on quality, safety and user friendliness.

The following are the equipments and machinery we supply.

Gob Delivery

Gob Delivery is a unique and tailor made solution where we provide this by supply of batch plant, glass melting furnace and fore-hearhs from single source with complete support.

This solution is provided with combined control system with remote workstations as required which provides single control platform for better reliability.

We provide complete support in all technical aspects from RM selection to gob delivery with operational guidelines

We provide training to plant engineers and technicians to operate and maintain the whole process of batching to glass conditioning smoothly to produce desired results efficiently.

This solution can be offered to glass container plants, tableware glass plants, opal glass plants, cosmetic & perfumery glass and neutral glass vials including tubing,

Batch Plants

We design, supply and commission complete batch plants for glass industry. Our batch plants are robustly designed for trouble free operations along with reliable feeding, accurate dosing, weighing and mixing operations. 

We design the plants based on the client specific requirements and also can suggest ideal location for batch plant based on the customer plant layouts.

We offer both fully automatic and semi automatic batch plants based on the client specific requirements and budgets.

Our design is compact and accurate by doing civil and structural analysis in building plans to reduce overall cost.

We offer total solution for batch plants by providing civil engineering to installation along with supply of equipments as a turnkey solution.

All the machinery we recommend and use in batch plants are thoroughly scrutinized and proven equipment warranting frequent maintenance and downtimes in order to avoid production losses.

We have different service models like total turnkey solution or supervision of erection and commissioning.

We are flexible in terms of equipment selection and integrating 3rd party equipments which we have done in our previous projects similarly.

The plant is generally supplied with PLC & SCADA for operating and monitoring entire batch plant operations effectively with all required options for controlling, monitoring and recording.

We provide complete training of batch plant operations to our client engineers and technicians in order to effectively operate, maintain and attend trouble shooting.

Glass Melting Furnaces

We design, supply and commission state of the art glass melting furnaces both regenerative and recuperative with or without electric boosting which are at par with any international standards.

Our furnaces are fully automatic with excellent control features and designed for optimum energy efficiency, easy operation and less maintenance.

Based on the capacity and type of glass we decide on various parameters for developing the design suitable to particular requirement.

We supply complete furnace engineering along with auxiliary equipments like combustion and control system, batch charger, reversing and furnace pressure control dampers and glass level controllers. We are flexible to integrate 3rd party auxiliary equipments as similarly we have done in our previous projects but also it depends on type of plant and budgets.

We offer furnaces with different choice of fuels like oil, gas and integrate proven alternative fuels.

We provide complete bill of materials for refractory and steel to our clients and assist in vendor selection, negotiation and inspection of materials for conformity. We also provide detailed specification and guidelines for procuring and installing any third party equipment to be integrated in our furnace.

We have well experienced and highly reliable furnace erection and commissioning teams with respect to steel, refractory, equipment erection, electrical and automation, start-up and smooth commissioning of furnace and deliver target results comprehensively with single point responsibility.

We train the client staff for efficient and optimized furnace operations and extend support from time to time in energy efficiency, short term and long term maintenance plans and implementation, glass composition, over all audits of furnace operations, efficiency and life campaign.

Working End & Fore-hearths

Optimum glass conditioning is what matters to your product quality and best pack efficiencies.

PLANET CERAMICA supply state of the art working ends and fore-hearths for various capacities with precise control for optimum temperature control at various zones from the entry point of glass from throat till the spout with best thermal conditioning of glass.

Our systems are designed and supplied with highly reliable components, easy to operate, accurate control with less maintenance along with best safety features at very competitive prices.

We supply both heat only or heat cool fore-hearths as per customer requirements and customized to suit client budgets with best possible combinations.

We provide SCADA for operator interface for easy operation and set-up of jobs with temperature monitoring, status monitoring, trend charts, alarm logs and job histories.

The systems we supply are comparable to any international standards.

Combustion & Control Systems

PLANET CERAMICA supply state of the art combustion and control systems for both oil & gaseous fuels. Our systems are designed and manufactured with highly reliable components of reputed suppliers for robust functionality with accurate functioning along with best safety features for easy operation and maintenance.

We supply combustion systems for Glass Melting Furnaces, Working End & Fore-hearths which are robustly and intelligently designed for high energy efficiency.

Our systems generally consist of PLC & SCADA for automatic operation, monitoring and easy trouble shooting and can be customized as per client requirement based on requirement and budgets.

Reversing & Flue Control Dampers

PLANET CERAMCA supply reversing dampers, flue control dampers and flue balancing dampers manufactured with special grade steel with high quality components for trouble free functionality and precise pressure control.

The dampers can be custom manufactured as per client required dimensions. 

Batch Chargers

PLANET CERAMICA supply batch chargers which are robust in operation with good control on feed and operation with less maintenance.

The batch chargers can be supplied for different capacities both tray and screw type based on requirement.

Glass Recycling Plants

PLANET CERAMICA supply cullet processing plants for crushing, washing and sorting the external cullet or factory cullet. The plant is designed for robust and trouble free operations for with reliable output. We can supply these systems for different capacity requirements as per the client needs.

We can supply only design or total plant as per client requirement.

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